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Waroeng SS

Waroeng Spesial Sambal SS was established on August 20, 2002 and now has 85 branches spread from Banten to Bali.

Waroeng was first established west of Graha Saba Pramana UGM, with the concept of waroeng tenda.
The Waroeng is still operating, waroeng is named Waroeng Perjuangan

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New Way to Make Exciting Special Waroeng Sambal 'SS' Samirono

New Way to Make Exciting Special Waroeng Sambal 'SS' Samirono

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Tak Kenal Maka Tak Kenyang

Tak Kenal Maka Tak Kenyang

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WSS Malaysia

Early this year will be a beautiful start, because we will start raising the Waroeng SS flag in Malaysia. Yup, we will s...

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Various Vegetables Stir-fry Menus

There are several stir-fry menus in Waroeng SS, such as : - Mushroom stir fry - bean sprouts stir fry - jengkol stir...

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Menu Huuh-haah

spicy, hot and tasty

Huuhaah Facilities

Standard Facilities Available in Most of Our Branches

Adequate and Safe Parking

All Waroeng SS branches provide parking lot that can accommodate consumers' motorbikes and cars. No worries again to park your vehicles while visiting Waroeng SS.

Particular area for smokers

Waroeng SS always tries to respect the right of consumers who want to enjoy cigarettes and who want to be free from cigarette smoke one by providing a special area for smokers in each branch.

Comfortable Worship at Waroeng SS

As a form of our commitment to maintain customer comfort, we provide mushola (praying room) for all consumers to worship. Hygiene of Praying attributes is our priority for your convenience.

Lactation Room

Good news for breastfeeding mothers because some branches of Waroeng SS provide a lactation room for mothers who breastfeed their babies.

Clean and comfortable toilets

We believe that hygiene of toilets will give you profound impression to revisit Waroeng SS.

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Huuh-haah News

Blog 1

Waroeng SS Kopral Sayom, New Posko Pedas In Klaten City

Waroeng's "SS" journey will not stop to serve spicy throughout Indonesia. Request for request from the Big Boss is always our consideration. No matter how steep the battlefield that we had to tra...

Publish : Senin, 18 Februari 2019

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Blog 2

Discussion about best-selling and hygienic stalls

The Faculty of Engineering UGM held a Discussion, with the theme of The Best Selling Stall dan Healthy Customer. The event was held on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at the Auditorium of the FT UGM, atten...

Publish : Senin, 11 Februari 2019

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Blog 3

Malaysia, We Come!

Hi Malaysia, now is the time for us to come and spread spicy in Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the dreams that we have planned for a long time, namely introducing sambal and Indonesian special cuisine to the world. And this is our fir...

Publish : Sabtu, 26 Januari 2019

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